UNLV Sports Innovation Institute and IC360 Announce Partnership Ahead of Inaugural Sports, Entertainment, and Innovation Conference (SEICon)

UNLV Sports Innovation Institute and IC360 Announce Partnership Ahead of Inaugural Sports, Entertainment, and Innovation Conference (SEICon)



Jun 17, 2024

Sports, Entertainment & Innovation Conference from July 15-17, 2024

LAS VEGAS, NV (June 17, 2024) – Today, Integrity Compliance 360 (IC360) announced a comprehensive partnership with the UNLV Sports Innovation Institute. The partnership is aimed at driving innovation, integrity, and education within the sports industry.


UNLV Sports Innovation Institute and IC360 will embark on a number of innovative and industry leading initiatives, which will include but not be limited to sports betting, sports data and analytics, responsible gaming, mental health and awareness, industry research and workforce talent development.


As part of this strategic partnership, IC360 will participate in the Sports, Entertainment, and Innovation Conference (SEICon) hosted by the UNLV Sports Innovation Institute, Syracuse’s David B. Falk College of Sport, and Circle, Inc. The conference will provide a premier platform for thought leaders and subject matter experts from across the globe to educate, collaborate, and create dynamic ventures together.


Furthermore, the partnership will see the development of an internship program designed to offer UNLV students opportunities to gain practical experience by working with IC360. Through this internship, students will have the chance to engage with industry experts, access specialized training, and contribute to real-world projects in the rapidly-growing sports integrity and compliance space.


“This is an incredible opportunity to partner with a Las Vegas-based company that shares our commitment to integrity and fair play at a time when sports wagering is at an all time high. This collaboration also presents an opportunity for UNLV’s world-renowned International Gaming Institute to share and leverage resources, while creating real world experiences for our students,” says Jay Vickers, COO of UNLV’s Sports Innovation Institute.


“You won’t find a better place to start a new convention of sport minds and gambling experts, coupled with entertainment and innovation than at SEICon. I’m incredibly impressed with Jay and his UNLV team for bringing this together so quickly.” says Matthew Holt, USI’s CEO & co-founder. He continued, “We’re excited to collaborate and more importantly participate at SEICon while supporting our hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada”.

This strategic partnership between UNLV Sports Innovation Institute and IC360 signifies a commitment to advancing integrity, innovation, and education within the sports industry, setting the stage for collaborative initiatives that will shape the future of sports.


ABOUT UNLV Sports Innovation Institute:

UNLV Sports Innovation Institute is committed to championing innovation, fostering economic development, and elevating education, sport business, and sport science. Leveraging its expertise and resources, the institute serves as a catalyst for transformative initiatives that shape the future of sports. For additional information, visit



IC360, a global technology and consultancy firm, specializes in providing comprehensive integrity and compliance solutions for sports, sports betting, gaming, and iGaming. With a focus on transparency and integrity, IC360 empowers organizations to navigate the complex landscape of sports integrity with confidence. For additional information, visit



Jay Vickers, Chief Operating Officer, UNLV Sports Innovation Institute


Scott Sadin, Chief Operating Officer, IC360