North Dakota State University Partners with ProhiBet

North Dakota State University Partners with ProhiBet



Jun 11, 2024

NDSU will utilize the innovative ProhiBet program to monitor prohibited sports wagering


Las Vegas, NV (June 11, 2024) — North Dakota State University and ProhiBet today announced a groundbreaking partnership for the utilization of ProhiBet’s advanced fully encrypted decentralized cross-monitoring and notification platform. Designed to safeguard sports integrity and ensure adherence to state-specific regulations, ProhiBet will play a pivotal role in preventing specific individuals such as athletes, coaches, league officials, and administration from engaging in prohibited sports wagering.


In addition to the integration of the ProhiBet solutions provided by IC360, the agreement allows for digital educational training for all student-athletes, coaches, and administration staff. IC360 has a proprietary e-learning platform which contains an audit tracking system for visibility on course progress.


“This partnership with IC360 provides sports betting monitoring and educational resources for our coaches, athletics department staff members and student-athletes.  The ProhiBet platform will continuously monitor and detect wagering abnormalities,” said NDSU Director of Athletics Matt Larsen. “The dashboard will report real-time information, which in turn will ultimately protect NDSU Athletics.  Sports betting is easily accessible to college students, and we want to do our best to protect and educate our student-athletes.”


ProhiBet’s cutting-edge technology provides a secure and transparent method for sports properties, both professional and collegiate, and sportsbook operators, to ensure that athletes, coaches, and league/school administrative staff remain compliant with the intricate web of state regulations that govern sports betting activities.


“We are thrilled to partner with North Dakota State University -- the combination of ProhiBet's state-of-the-art encrypted data transfer system and the NDSU dedication to upholding the integrity of sports will undoubtedly enhance the transparency and trustworthiness of sports betting activities,” stated Matt Heap, Managing Director of ProhiBet. Heap brings a wealth of experience in the field as the former head of the Colorado Division of Gaming’s sportsbook operations.


ProhiBet is the result of a joint venture between U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance, now known as IC360. In addition to ProhiBet, IC360’s portfolio of solutions includes integrity monitoring, compliance advisory, and education, along with established products like the Integrity Monitoring dashboard and PlayBookAI.




About North Dakota State University:

North Dakota State University is a student-focused, land-grant, research university located in Fargo, N.D., with an enrollment of approximately 13,000 students. NDSU is a member of The Summit League and Missouri Valley Football Conference with an affiliate membership in the Big 12 Conference for wrestling. NDSU has a storied history of athletic success including 29 team national championships since 1965 in football, women’s basketball, wrestling, softball, men’s cross country and women’s indoor track and field. For more information, visit


About ProhiBet:

ProhiBet is a leading provider of encrypted data transfer solutions for the sports betting industry. With a focus on regulatory compliance and data security, ProhiBet empowers sports properties and sportsbook operators to navigate the complex landscape of state regulations related to prohibited bettors. For additional information, visit


About IC360:

Integrity Compliance 360 (IC360) is a global technology and consultancy powerhouse specializing in comprehensive integrity and compliance solutions for sports, sports betting, gaming, and iGaming. Leveraging the combined strengths of U.S. Integrity and Odds On Compliance, IC360’s mission is to set new standards by providing unparalleled services that ensure integrity, transparency, and compliance at the intersection of the rapidly evolving global sports betting market and sports integrity. For more information, visit


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