Women in the Gaming Industry: Unleashing the Superheroes Among Us

Women in the Gaming Industry: Unleashing the Superheroes Among Us

Cheryl Jones

Managing Director, IC360 Advisory, EMEA

Dec 5, 2023

There’s room for us all to be Superheroes: Building a culture that promotes diversity and equality within the Gambling Industry

In the booming realm of the gaming industry, a quiet revolution is underway—a resurgence of voices, talents, and prowess. This blog is a celebration of the women trailblazers who are shaping the gaming landscape. From developers to designers, esports champions to industry leaders, each narrative is a testament to the transformative power they bring to an industry evolving towards inclusivity and innovation.

In this blog, Cheryl Jones (President, Europe) and Jenna Wheeler (Senior Manager, Sales and Marketing) look at the journey of women in the gaming industry.

What are your hopes and aspirations for women in iGaming, Technology and Sports?

One Word: Empowerment

Our mission for Women Leading Women (WLW) is for women to feel empowered to craft their own career with the support of others. This goal means that women can embrace who they are, as a woman, and beyond their gender. It means that they can define and create their own path, mapping out where they want to be without self-imposed or unworthy institutional barriers, and have a supportive team to enable them forward. I hope in the next 5 years we see significant increases in our women as leaders in iGaming, Technology and Sports, and as these industries evolve, I expect women to be at the forefront leading their way to create new opportunities for the next generation of female leaders.

How are you managing to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion within Odds On Compliance?

The beauty of being a new(er) business is the opportunity to build our culture from the ground up. We have an incredibly open-minded group of people at all levels of the company, and with so many experienced team members, everyone brings to the table what they have liked, and what hasn’t been successful, from their past experiences.

As we’ve transitioned from a startup to a small business we are now starting to focus on initiatives, and WLW is our first step in that direction. It’s tremendous how all of our male colleagues at OOC have been so excited and supportive to see WLW take off, supporting us in every direction they love it and even have great suggestions for us sometimes. It shows how everyone at the company from senior leadership on down is part of keeping inclusion strong.

Beyond just gender inclusion, we have team members from different races and cultures, different countries, and different walks of life. Whether someone is based in Europe or Maryland, or if someone is a recent grad, a new parent, or an industry veteran, we have a place for everyone here and we’re just getting started with ways to reinforce that.

Own your career and own your voice; don’t wait for someone to come along and present an opportunity.

What would you say to the younger you?

I would tell myself not to be afraid of being vulnerable because it’s about being brave, putting yourself out there and having the courage to stand up for yourself, but also leaving your ego at the door. Own your career and own your voice; don’t wait for someone to come along and present an opportunity. What’s the worst that can happen? Create opportunities you want to see yourself in, use your fear as your motivation, and never say no to any challenges.

What do you hope to see for the rest of 2023 and beyond?

As women we should move beyond awareness and be the call for action. Hence, why we set up Women Leading Women. Fortunately, our CEO promotes a diverse culture at Odds On Compliance and wants all employees to feel that they have a voice regardless of where they sit in the company.

It will take all of us, men and women, to get to a level of diversity that represents everybody fairly. But together, as we face new challenges and find new solutions, we will open new opportunities, take on new roles, learn new skills or maybe just continue to show up and support others on their journey.

What should we expect to see from the women of Odds On Compliance in the coming months?

We are starting with ways to engage our group members as we get our stride – from professional development like training and mentorship, to fun team activities like a book club and virtual wine nights. Stay tuned!